Dupree's Garden Center & Florist

6178 State Route 88

Finleyville, PA - Washington County

(724) 348-4550

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Dupree's Garden Center & Florist in Finleyville - PA - Washington County and is a business listed in the categories Nurseries & Garden Centers, Nursery, Garden Center, And Farm Supply Stores, Florists and Garden Centers and offers Fresh-Cut Flowers. Have you done business with Dupree's Garden Center & Florist? Leave a compliment or complaint on this page and help other visitors decide who / where they are going to do business with.

Nurseries & Garden Centers, Nursery, Garden Center, and Farm Supply Stores, Florists, Garden Centers
Fresh-Cut Flowers
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Menu Highlights

Opulent Orchids - Single

An exotic single Phalaenopsis orchid adds elegant beauty and peaceful serenity to any setting. Measures 21"H by 12"L.


European Garden Bouquet for Fall

Want to truly WOW someone? This compelling assortment of sunflowers, Viking poms, alstroemeria, roses, Asiatic lilies, solidago, salal tips and fall leaves in a clear gathering vase will have your recipient thanking you again and again.

15"h X 11"l 39.99
15"h X 12"l 59.99

Autumn European Garden Bouquet

Everyone will envy the lucky person who receives this vibrant bouquet created with gerbera, roses and alstroemeria in a classic clear vase. Measures 15"H by 13"L.


All Orange For You

Rejoice in the colorful accents of fall with a dramatic grouping of lilies and roses in an orange bud vase that finishes off the overall look in impressive fashion. Measures 13"H by 10"L.


It's a Beautiful Day Bouquet

Your recipient will celebrate the day when they set their eyes on this divine bouquet. Roses and carnations along with fuji, alstroemeria and gerbera are presented in a purple passion vase.

14" H X 11"l 39.99
15"h X 12"l 49.99
16"h X 13"l 59.99
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