Mexican Restaurants

Main Street Cafe

3624 Roy Messer Hwy

White Pine, TN

(865) 674-7710

Menu Highlights

Jerk Scallops

spicy seared scallops set stop fresh green and served with a refreshing pear chutney


Cuba Libra

rum & coke


Ithaca Brewery Beers

nut brown, a smooth dark ale, pale ale, deep golden color, refreshing casa zilla, caramel malt makes it red, very "hoppy" apricot wheat, light with a fruity finish


Red Cat, Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards A Sweet Wine

By The Glass 3.50
Bottle 13.00

Black Russian

vodka & coffee liqueur

Business Details

Main Street Cafe in White Pine - TN and is a business listed in the categories Cafe & Restaurant, Restaurant Mexican, Restaurants, Cafes, Cafeterias & Lunchrooms, Mexican Restaurants, Limited-Service Restaurants, Restaurants: Cafes, Cafeterias & Lunchrooms and Cafe Restaurants. Have you done business with Main Street Cafe? Leave a compliment or complaint on this page and help other visitors decide who / where they are going to do business with.

Cafe & Restaurant , Restaurant Mexican , Restaurants , Cafes, Cafeterias & Lunchrooms , Mexican Restaurants , Limited-Service Restaurants , Restaurants: Cafes, Cafeterias & Lunchrooms , Cafe Restaurants
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